3D Biomatrix

Now you can truly mimic tissue metabolic and proliferative gradients, capture complex cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions, and monitor cell growth easily and regularly with the spheroid cultures grown in Perfecta3D® Hanging Drop Plates.

Spheroids or self-assembled spherical clusters of cell colonies, are one of the most well-characterized models for three-dimensional (3D) culture and screening due to their simplicity, reproducibility, and similarity to physiological tissues compared to other methods involving scaffolds and hydrogel systems.

Spheroids naturally mimic avascular tumors with inherent metabolic (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nutrients, wastes) and proliferative gradients. Therefore they serve as excellent physiologic tumor models known to provide more reliable and meaningful therapeutic results compared to 2D tests.

As spheroids are self-organized and produce their own extra cellular matrix (ECM), they encompass the complex cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions that mimic functional properties of the corresponding tissue in vivo.

A water reservoir is constructed around the periphery of the culture plate, alleviating the commonly encountered hanging drop evaporation problem.

The hanging drop size is confined by the diameter of the plateau on the bottom surface of the plate. This eliminates spreading and keeps the geometry of the hanging drop consistent, providing robust and stable culturing conditions.


  • High-throughput drug screening assays.
  • Tumor spheroid assays.
  • Organogenesis studies.
  • Ethical Embryonic stem (ES) cell and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell expansion and differentiation.

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