Cellab® Bioreactor System –
Next generation of small scale reproducible cell culturing

The Cellab® Bioreactor System consists of a disposable set equipped with different single use bioreactor configurations including:

  • modules with hollow fiber membranes
  • inserts with flat membranes or
  • 3D scaffold holders

and a reusable docking station which operates the disposable set.
Efficiency in cell culturing

  • Highly efficient bioreactor system which produces high cell densities
  • Long Duration of culturing with limited manual intervention
  • Improved reproducibility and GMP-conformity with an automated closed system
  • Optimal customization with a variety of hollow fiber bioreactors, membrane inserts, and 3D scaffolds
  • Useable for adherent as well as for suspension cell cultures

Biomass Production with the Cellab® Bioreactor System

Protein Production with the Cellab® Bioreactor System

Tissue Engineering with the Cellab® Bioreactor System

Achieve higher density cell cultures with longer duration of cultivation with flat membrane inserts, hollow fiber bioreactors or scaffold holders

Increase efficiency of your protein production using flat membrane inserts or hollow fiber bioreactor systems

Succeed in parallel cultivation of complex 2D and 3D tissues in a semi-automated process with flat membrane-based inserts or scaffold bioreactors

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