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Cell Stretching Bioreactors


Cell Stretching Bioreactors for Life Science Research

tensionsystems 350Tension Systems

Flexcell® Tension Systems are patented, computer-regulated bioreactors that apply cyclic or static strain to cells cultured in vitro. We designed Flexcell® Tension Systems to help investigators analyze biochemical changes in response to tensile load on a variety of cell culture applications, including muscle, lung, heart, vascular vessels, skin, tendon, ligament, cartilage, and bone. Our Tension Systems work with UniFlex® (Uniaxial strain) and/or BioFlex® (Equibiaxial strain) culture plates.

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compressionsystems 350Compression Systems

Flexcell’s® Compression System regulates positive air pressure to compress tissue samples or 3D cell cultures in vitro. The FX-5000C™ Compression System compresses samples between a piston and stationary platen using our BioPress™ culture plates. It can load up to 14 lbs. of applied force. Using the FX-5000C™ Compression System, researchers can observe biochemical changes and cell signaling in vitro that mimics in vivo conditions.

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fluidshearsystems 350Fluid Shear Systems

The Streamer® is a fluid shear stress device allowing users to regulate fluid shear stress to cells in culture with laminar, pulsatile, or oscillating flow. Flexcell’s® Streamer® System uses a computer-controlled peristaltic pump. Together with the Osci-Flow® Flow Controller, researchers can regulate the frequency of oscillation or pulsatile patterns based on shear stress level applied from 0-35 dynes/cm2. Flexcell’s® Fluid Shear System is designed to allow users to observe biochemical changes, cell migration and signaling under fluid shear load in vitro.

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