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Exosomes, Virus & Cell Biology

101bio101Bio provide exciting new kits for exosome, virus and cell biology research. They have the best exosome isolation kits on the world market!

The best exosome isolation kits on the world market! This is because you get exciting data using our kits to isolate pure exosome at Higher yield. The yield of exosome is 10 folds more than traditional methods. You can start with 2 mL cell media or 0.2 mL serum and get exosome purity > 95%, even with for plasma, urine, breast milk.

Virus-High® AAV / Adv Release Solution is for fast and efficient harvest of Adenovirus (ADV), Adeno-Associated Virus (AAV), and other non-envelop and non-budding viruses from producing cells. Signalling research - purified protein of human Wnt-3a or 5a, Wingless-type MMTV (mouse mammary tumor virus) or mouse Wnt-3a or 5a.

Transfection Kits

Nucleic acid delivery reagents include ExoFectin® sRNA-into-Exosome Kits - a proprietary formation designed for the delivery of small RNA including miRNA and siRNA into exosomes.

Lentivirus Packaging, 293T Transfection Kit, specifically designed for delivery of lentivirus packaging DNA into 293T cells, to produce high titer lentivirus.

Retrovirus Packaging Kit provides a rapid and convenient method for producing high titers of replication-incompetent retroviruses in only 48 hours.

Lenti Titer-Up to increase Lentivirus titer for ~ 10 folds in virus packaging procedure.

Retro Titer-Up to increase Retrovirus titer for ~ 10 folds in virus packaging procedure.

Neural Stem Cell (hNSC) Human Neural Stem Cells are derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) generated by genome footprint-free episomal reprogramming method.