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3D Bioprinters

REGEMAT 3D is the world leader in the development of bioprinting technologies and its clinical applications. It’s the only company that customizes your printer to your specific application.

Bioprinting has emerged as a promising technology for creating living tissues to regenerate injuries and organs.

Regemat3D printers are designed as modular systems to adapt to your specific requirements.

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Applications include tissue engineering using spheroids injected onto scaffolds in matrix hydrogels. Spheroids can be used as the “bio-ink” ejected from the nozzle of the bioprinter onto a biocompatible scaffold made out of a hydrogel, layer-by-layer in 3D.


  • Tissue engineering
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Biomaterials Development
  • Drug Testing
  • Surgical guides, biomodels and prostheses

Original software has been developed by Regemat3D to make scaffold design intuitive and easy to use. Designs are previewed and easy import of geometric shapes is possible.


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