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The CellMaker Range

CellMaker is a revolutionary, single-use, airlift bioreactor technology. This simplifies, accelerates and improves cell culture and fermentation processes. Our system is expertly designed for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

Innovative Airlift Technology

Our patented airlift technology eliminates the need for mechanical mixing, instead using bubbles to gently move cells and nutrients to provide optimal aeration. This enables the rapid growth of cells and optimal production of product expression.

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Applications for CellMaker Bioreactors



Microbial Fermentation

Our CellMaker Plus system has been successfully proven with several bacteria (E. Coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus…). The airlift system enables excellent mixing and aeration suitable for both oxygen hungry and anaerobic bacterial processes.



Bacteriophage Amplification

Using the CellMaker, several people have already seen bacteriophage amplified to unprecedented levels in comparison to traditional methods.



Mammalian Cell Culture

Mammalian cell culture requires controlled levels of air, O2 and CO2 gasses coupled with continuous, gentle movement. The CellMaker Plus is perfectly suited for this and have demonstrated excellent results with antibody production from murine hybridoma cell culture for example.

Application notes are available on request.