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Cell Sorting & Separation

pluriStrainer® Cell Strainers

pluriSelect® offers a large variety of cell strainers serving nearly every need.

pluriStrainer® are one of the best cell strainers on the market with many additional features, missed in most comparable basic cell strainers.

pluriStrainer® Mini are the most flexible small cell strainer fitting in nearly any reaction tube (15 ml to 1.5ml, 24 / 48 well plates).

The multi-purpose ÜberStrainer completes the broad spectrum of cell strainer.

ministrainer 250   


The Mini Strainer have been optimized for small sample volumes. Its unique design allows fitting on a wide variation of tubes, e.g. 1.5 ml /2.0 ml reaction tubes, 15 ml conical centrifuge tubes, 24 well plate and 48 well plate.

 pluristrainer 250  


The pluriStrainer is a sterile sieving device to obtain real single cell suspensions or to remove cell aggregates. It fits into any 50 ml centrifuge (conical) tube and comes with many features.

 uberstrainer 250  


Überstrainer is a sample preparation device that expands the use of mesh tools to increase selection, separation and isolation. Its modular design gives it versatility and a range of functionality.

 syringestrainer 250  


The strainer can be connected to a syringe or a tube via the screw cap with a Luer-Lock adaptor which works under positive or negative pressure.

membranestrainer 250


Membrane filters have a well-defined pore size exclusion limit (available with 1, 3, 5 & 8 μm pores), allowing for precise filtration and detection of very small particles.


pluriBead® offers a robust cell isolation technology for targets from different biological fluids.

Fast target isolation using pluriBead

Our cell separation technology uses non-magnetic pluriBeads.
Our cell separation method consists of four essential steps.
You need a pure cell or protein population for your experiments?
You like to get your targets fast and want a fuss-free isolation system?

  • Non-magnetic
  • No sample preparation
  • No centrifugation
  • pluriBeads cannot be taken up by granulocytes
  • pluriBeads can be easily and completely detached from the targets
  • pluriBeads work in larger sample volumes, e.g. 45ml whole blood or buffy coat
  • Purity >95%, viability >95%
  • Working at room temperature or 37°C reduces cell stress

Application examples for your lab

  • Single Target Cell Isolation
  • Simultaneous Isolation of several specific cell types
  • RNA Isolation
  • DNA Isolation
  • Protein Isolation
  • Cell Activation
  • Cell Depletion
  • Immunoprecipitation

Download the pluriSelect 2013 Product Catalogue.


Bead size and surface modification

pluriBead® is using non-magnetic monodisperse microparticles for the sorting of cell mixtures. The surface of the beads is modified with antibodies that recognize specific structures on the cell surface. The beads are larger than the cells and enlarge these artificially. The enlargement by the cells allows a simple separation through sieves and the use of different separation strategies.

During incubation, the cells in suspension are marked with the help of the particles. The targets bonded to the surface of the catcher particles are then separated from all unbound cells through our sieving system. Finally, the target cells are gently detached from the catcher particles with a detachment buffer.

The size of pluriBead® allows easy and rapid separation of cells from whole blood or buffy coat. Pretreatment of blood and blood components, such as the production of a mononuclear cell fraction, is not required, ie, PBMC ( peripheral blood mononuclear cells)made by a density gradient / density centrifugation or other methods of depletion of erythrocytes (e.g. erythrolysis) or target concentration is not required. Moreover, the particle size prevents uptake by endocytosis. The microbeads are available in various sizes and surface modifications.

Ready To Go

Our pluriBead Kit is ready to go.
That means it includes everything that you need for your cell separation (except your sample material).

  • Beads
  • Washing buffer
  • Strainer
  • Connecting Ring
  • Funnel

Comparison of different sorting Beads