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The Next Generation of in-vitro models

ivtech 980IVTech’s new LiveBox system is the Next Generation of in-vitro models.

Multi-Organ environment simulation is the great advantage.

The beauty of the LiveBox system is its physiological 3D cell culture environment.

It simulates interaction between human organs in a multi organ environment.  Physiological 3D cell culturing makes for a dynamic cell culture.

The LiveBox bioreactors are based on standard 12 or 24 well plate dimensions and offer possibilities for real time monitoring.

A physiologically 3D dynamic culture has been shown to be more sensitive than in a static cell culture. They are also more resistant to drug candidates than a 2D cell culture.

Down regulation of anti-apoptotic features have been observed in physiologically 3D dynamic cultures.

LiveBox systems have been shown to provide a closer prediction of in-vivo drug efficacy than a 2D static model.

The modularity of the IVTech LiveBox culture systems allows greater accuracy in the study of complex tissue responses such as inflammation and cancer.

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