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Cell Biology


Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents are developed using patented combinatorial chemistry methods, which generates chemical libraries. Using these chemical libraries, candidate reagents are identified by high-throughput cell screening approaches. High performing reagents are further optimized for specific applications.

Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents can be used for transfection of nucleic acid molecules (pDNA, siRNA, mRNA, miRNA) as well as co-transfection of combinations of these. 

ScreenFect® reagents provide excellent performance in many standard cell lines as well as difficult-to-transfect primary and stem cells.

Examples of cell lines successfully transfected with ScreenFect® reagents can be found here

Our ScreenFect® transfection reagents have these performance qualities:

 Very high transfection efficiency
 Low cytotoxity
 Serum compatible and no need to change media
 Free of animal derived components
 Perfect for high throughput screenings
 Perfect for large scale transfection