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Technology Platforms

Inter-disciplinary science is the norm in today's modern research laboratory. Cell Systems Biology has concentrated on this approach in its focus on particular technologies and selection of partnerships to supply the latest innovative technologies. Scientists need the technology tools that deliver the sensitivity and detection down to the single cell level.

Researchers need to answer complex questions with precision and simplicity together with unprecedented sensitivity and quantitation.

New technologies are always being invented for these purposes and Cell Systems Biology wants to bring them to you first and fast.

Proteomic & Genomic Sample and Enrichment

Biomarker discovery for personalized heath care monitoring in the future.

Biotech Support Group creates new methods and applications to drive better data quality and efficient workflows for all proteomic and biomarker analyses. 

Cell Sorting & Cell Straining

pluriBead isolation technology has been developed to help you achieve purity of single target cell isolation.

View our pluriBead products

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Protein Extraction

101Bio – Fast Protein Extraction

New-generation protein extraction.
Our spin-column-method is fast and simple!

Fast protein extraction !     Citations link

  Cat.#  Protein Extraction Kits       Protein status Time
P501Total protein kit Animal cells Total protein Denatured/Native 1~8 min.
P502Total protein kit Animal tissues Total protein Denatured/Native 1~8 min.
P503Membrane protein kit Mammalian cells/tissues Membrane and cytosol Native & Detergent-free 20~45 min.
P504Nuclear protein kit Mammalian cells/tissues Nuclear/cytosol protein Native 6~8 min.
P505Detergent-free kit Animal cells Total protein Denature/Native 5~8 min.
P506Detergent-free kit Animal tissues Total protein Denature/Native 5~8 min.
P507Mitochondria kit Mammalian cells/tissues Mitochondrial protein Native, detergent/EDTA free 5~8 min.
P508Plant total protein Plant tissue Total protein Denature/Native 5~8 min.
P510Plant detergent-free Plant tissue Total protein Native 5~8 min.
P511Plant chloroplast kit Plant tissue Intact chloroplast   5 min.
P518Plant microsomal
membrane extraction
Plant tissue Microsomal membrane Native 1 hr
P512Bacteria total protein Bacteria Total protein Denatured 2~3 min.
P513Nuclear envelope kit Cells Nuclear envelope Native & detergent free < 45 min.
P514Histone/DNA binding
protein kit
Cells Histone/DNA binding protein Denatured < 10 min.
P515Thick cell wall
microbes protein kit
Cultured microbes Total protein Denatured/Native < 10 min.
P519Protein gel slice kit Gel slices Protein   < 10 min.
P521Hair & nail protein kit Hair, Nail, Wool, Horn Protein Denatured 5 min. hands on
P522Adipose protein kit Adipose Protein Native/Denatured 20 min.
P523Adipose fractionation kit Adipose Water soluble / insoluble protein Native 40 min.
P524Detergent-free nuclei
isolation kit
Cells / Tissues Intact nuclei Native, detergent-free 20 min.



Antibodies and Kits for neurobiology research and the morphological studies of the central nervous system, with applications that include the fields of neurohistology, neurohistopathology, and immunohistochemistry.



Bioreactor Systems & Microbioreactors

m2plab microbioreactors

Micro Bioreactor - High-Throughput Fermentation

Microbioreactor for high-throughput fermentations with the online monitoring of biomass, pH, DO, and real time fluorescence. 

 cellab bioreactor05 260 

The BioLector measures the most common fermentation parameters online while running a cultivation.

The bench top microbioreactor also controls the shaking speed, temperature inside the cultivation chamber, and the humidity.

Real time monitoring of fluorescent  reaction products enables advanced experimental analysis.

Microfluidic process control enables controlled direct feeding and pH control.

Robotic automation gives integrated liquid handling capabilities for automated media formulation, sampling, induction, dosing and fed batch processing.

3D Bioprinters

REGEMAT 3D is the world leader in the development of bioprinting technologies and its clinical applications. It’s the only company that customizes your printer to your specific application.

Bioprinting has emerged as a promising technology for creating living tissues to regenerate injuries and organs.

Regemat3D printers are designed as modular systems to adapt to your specific requirements.

Contact us for more information

regemat3d 01 260 regemat3d 02 260

regemat3d 03 260 regemat3d 04 260

Crosslinkers & ECL chemiluminescence

Crosslinkers for the preparation of bioconjugates used in immunoassays and for probing protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry, as well as other creative Crosslinking methodologies

WESTAR is Cyanagen’s patented product line dedicated to Western Blotting

Exosomes & Cell Biology

Exosomes are cell-derived vesicles that are present in many biological fluids, including serum, blood, urine, and cultured medium of cell cultures.

3D Cell Culture Tools

3D cell culture simulates the in-vivo like growth environment, promoting expansion of cells while greatly reducing loss of phenotype, compared to traditional plastic flat surface 2D cell culture.

High Content Cell Based Assays

Label-free measurements by cellasys microphysiometric systems monitor different parameters directly from living cells. These parameters include extracellular acidification (pH), cellular respiration (pO2) and morphology (impedance).

The measurement is label-free, parallel, continuous and in real-time. With our BioChip technology you can e.g. determine the efficiacy of a drug outside of humans (or animals) directly on living cells.


Sample Storage - SAFE “Store Aliquots For Ever”

SAFETM “Store Aliquot Samples For Ever”. SamplosophyTM storage tubes designed for long term care of biological materials, including human biospecimens, animal biospecimens, cells cultures, bacterial cultures, and even environmental samples.